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current initiatives

Image by Ksenia Makagonova

Affordable and Supportive Housing

The City of Vancouver is currently facing a housing crisis, featuring some of the highest housing prices in the world, while over 2000 individuals across the City continue to experience homelessness. Kitsilano is no exception. Today, the community is one of the least affordable neighbourhoods in the City. Our collective advocates for affordable and equitable housing for current and future residents.

Image by Veronica Dudarev

Addressing the Climate Crisis

We live in an era of urgent climate crisis. Kitsilano's geography, which sits just above sea level, puts the community at significant risk of climate disaster. Kitsilano for Inclusivity seeks to contribute to climate justice and resilience through enacting local policy solutions, advocating for climate action, and supporting local systems/behavioural change.

Image by Jacalyn Beales

Community Building

Kitsilano is home to a diverse population. Kitsilano for Inclusivity is dedicated to ensuring that our neighbourhood is a place where everyone can feel safe, valued and included. Be it through events, community dialogues, or advocacy, we seek to build a community that equitable, accessible, and meaningfully contributing to Reconciliation.

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